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Prague Talk

The best of Radio Prague International’s interviews

Every year we at Radio Prague International interview scores of fascinating people either from the Czech Republic or with a
connection to the country.

With Prague Talk you get the best of those interviews as a regularly updated podcast, delivered as a download to your device or
available via streaming services.

Twitter: @PragueTalk


EP34: Jindřich Andrš

Though still in his mid 20s, Jindřich Andrš recently won the coveted prize for best Czech documentary at the Jihlava film festival. His A New Shift follows a laid-off miner in Moravia Silesia seeking to start again as an IT guy – and allowed Andrš to see a different side of Czech society.

EP28: Krištof Kintera

Krištof Kintera is known for thought-provoking, witty sculptures that frequently have a kinetic energy. Here he talks about his methods, the "adventure" of discovering beauty in unexpected places – and almost having a heart attack the first time he visited Prague's paradise of electronic junk.

EP25: Adéla Horáková

Adéla Horáková quit a top law job to devote all of her energies to campaigning for marriage equality. This wide-ranging conversation takes in everything from her own experiences of coming out to the possibility of the mistreatment of the LGBT community seen in other CEE states also appearing in the Czech Republic.


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