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Prague Talk

The best of Radio Prague International’s interviews

Every year we at Radio Prague International interview scores of fascinating people either from the Czech Republic or with a
connection to the country.

With Prague Talk you get the best of those interviews as a regularly updated podcast, delivered as a download to your device or
available via streaming services.

Twitter: @PragueTalk


EP56: Dana Huňátová

When Dana Huňátová joined Czechoslovakia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in late 1989 she literally came across a red telephone to Moscow. As head of office of new minister Jiří Dienstbier she was closely involved in the deep overhaul of the ministry required after four decades of communism.

EP55: František Vrábel

František Vrábel is an expert on Russia’s infiltration of Czech society via sophisticated online disinformation. He discusses efforts to combat Kremlin propaganda, says regulating Facebook is key and explains his own motivations for working "mostly for free" in this area.


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