Czech Beer

Budějovický Budvar

České Budějovice

Founded: 1895
Owner: State
Products: Budvar tap beer, Budvar Premium Lager, Budvar Premium Dark Lager, Budvar non-alcoholic beer, Budvar Krausened Lager, Bud Super Strong, Pardál, Pardál Echt


Budějovický Měšťanský Pivovar

České Budějovice

Founded: 1795, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: Budějovický Měšťanský Pivovar, a. s.
Products: B. B. lager, Samson tap beer, Samson Premium lager, Samson dark, Pito non-alcoholic beer, Dianello low-sugar beer


Pivovar Bernard


Founded: 1597, as Pivovar Bernard since 1991
Owner: Pivovar Bernard, a. s.
Products: Bernard tap beer, Bernard lager, Bernard unfiltered lager, Bernard semi-dark unfiltered lager, Bernard dark unfiltered lager, Bernard OX special, Bernard Free non-alcoholic beer, Bernard semi-dark non-alcoholic beer, Bernard Švestka non-alcoholic plum beer
Miscellaneous: Bernard beer is produced naturally and unpasteurized, by a traditional preservation method - separate from the main fermentation - fermentation in a beer cellar.


Pivovar Eggenberg

Český Krumlov

Founded: 1560, by William of Rosenberg
Owner: Pivovar Eggenberg, a. s.
Products: Kristián tap beer, Eggenberg tap beer, Petr Vok lager, Eggenberg lager, Eggenberg dark lager, Eggenberg Dia low-sugar beer, Eggenberg non-alcoholic beer


Pivovar Platan


Founded: 1598
Owner: K Brewery Trade, a.s.
Products: Platan lager, Schwarzenberg tap beer, Prácheňská Perla lager special, Protivínský Granát semi-dark lager, Platan non-alcoholic beer, Lobkowicz lager, Lobkowicz non-alcoholic beer
Miscellaneous: Owned by the Schwarzenberg family from 1711 until 1947, the brewery is located on a 14-hectare forested park, where "Summer under the Plane-tree" (platan = plane tree) programs are held, with a variety of musical programs in the area of Belveder.


Pivovar Poutník


Founded: 1552, by townspeople with brewing privileges
Owner: DUP družstvo Pelhřimov
Products: Poutník tap beer, Poutník lager, Poutník special
Miscellaneous: One of the few breweries that produces natural, unpasteurized beer.


Pivovar Regent


Founded: 1379, by a monastic order
Owner: Bohemia Regent, a. s.
Products: Bohemia Regent tap beer, Bohemia Regent Jedenáctka lager, Bohemia Regent Premium lager, Bohemia Regent Premium dark lager, Bohemia Regent Petr Vok semi-dark special, Bohemia Regent Prezident special, Bohemia Regent Renegát non-alcoholic beer
Miscellaneous: One of the oldest breweries in the world.


Pivovar Strakonice


Founded: 1649, by Strakonice citizens with brewing privileges
Owner: town of Strakonice
Products: Švanda tap beer, Dudák Nektar lager, Dudák Premium lager, Král Šumavy lager, Otavský Zlatý lager, Klostermann semi-dark lager, Dudák Black dark lager, Velkopřevor special, Dudák Driver non-alcoholic beer
Miscellaneous: The only brewery in the Czech Republic that is owned by a town. The brewery produces unpasteurized beer.