Barbora Mochowa – the Czech Lana Del Rey


Photo: official website of Barbora MochowaPhoto: official website of Barbora Mochowa In this week’s Sunday Music we present up-and-coming singer-songwriter Barbora Mochowa. Dubbed the Czech Lana Del Rey, Barbora recently released her debut album Waiting for the White Raven – a collection of melancholic, soul-searching songs with a distinct “cosmic” feel. The willowy redhead with Russian roots says she draws inspiration from her own mood and the world around her “I take in the atmosphere of a day, its sounds, smells, and light or darkness that bring memories of past moments – and I am enveloped in a mood that is a mixture of joy and sadness, that is what you hear in my music,” she says. Her characteristic voice and her dreamy style are complemented by soft piano music and, in some compositions, a string quartet.