Stepping Out Compilation - the First 10


Stepping Out began in August and no club seemed more fitting to visit first than Palac Akropolis, one of Prague's most innovative hang-out spots. It has one of the coolest bars in the city - and remains a Prague favourite late at night. "So far, it seems pretty good. I mean like, I got here, and everyone has been partying... I love it."

Also in August - we visited Boulder bar where you can climb the walls - and go out for a drink - if you're an experienced mountain climber or even just a beginner.

"I tried to find a sport that would be fun for me, mainly after work, going to a wall here and that's how it started."

And we rounded that month out with a visit to the Imperial Café, where for about two thousand crowns you can throw doughnuts at any of the customers. I am still looking forward to trying that out! Café Imperial is also special because it represents old-style Viennese cafes that are truly rare now in Prague.

"Everyone who sits down here feels the ghost of times gone by, and for a little while escapes the rat-race of modern life..."

September was a month for jazz at the Agharta and a band called 'Chicken Soup', good for the soul

...and it was also a month for board games - we visited the Paluba games room and conquered the world.

"It's really an amazing game. And, you are like a mind reader - you are trying to read the other person's mind."

Then, it was serenity in a cup - drinking mystical Yogi Tea with the owner of Prague's other-worldly Dobra Cajovna tearoom. Calm before the storm, when we stepped out at the Roxy - an experimental club where we joined indoor snowboarders - just don't eat the artificial snow.

What's your favourite aspect of the Roxy?

"The balcoon."

Dobra Cajovna tearoomDobra Cajovna tearoom The what??!!

"The balcony."

Why the balcony?

"Because it is very useful."

From snowboarding we went to the twist in November when we visited the Lucerna Music Bar for some classic rock and roll. "The Beatles Revival"...

And what about an all-girl band called "The Apples" with electric axes to grind.

"We play Sixties music in general like the Kinks or Steppenwolf..."

What song by the Kinks?

"Uh, you really got me!"

After all that, who wouldn't want to relax a bit at Dahab - Prague's Arabesque chill-out space where you can smoke from a hubble bubble as you think about the not quite so unbearable lightness of being...

And, finally we rounded it all out in December with a visit to a real country ball.

Those were the first five months and first ten episodes of Stepping Out - we hope, you have enjoyed the series so far and will continue tuning in every other Friday. Wherever you are over the holidays remember if there's nothing going on over there - we feel for you here in Prague.