Stepping Out Compilation - The final set


Stepping Out, our bi-monthly special covering nightlife in the Czech capital, is now wrapping up after almost one year. In today's final edition we take you back over the last eight episodes - a reminder of some of the places we've been.

Tramtarie, photo: www.tetatramtarie.czTramtarie, photo: In January we kicked off the new year with a visit to Tramtarie, a children's indoor playground in the centre of town, as well as a pizzeria, and a café. Our favourite was the children's theatre and a play called "Goblin's School of Magic".

We also discovered a great bar called Utopie, a must for Czech karaoke fans and foreign visitors who know the words to Hey Jude. Open from dusk till dawn.

"I like singing but maybe only in the shower. I'm very shy."

Then it was February and we would have loved to have found something likeable about this English play:

"Da-da-da-daaaah. Oliver Twist!"

But, it was not to be. Poorly written & horribly directed - we decided the only glimpse of potential talent lay with the actors themselves. Better luck next time!


Also that month we visited the heavily industrial Matrix in Prague's Zizkov district: hip hop, techno, drum n' bass, Matrix has it all, including a legendary British DJ by the name of Colin Stuart:

"Colin came shortly after the breakpoint when the communists fell and has worked with such groups as the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa. He did movies like 'Septej' (Whisper - director David Ondricek's original debut - ed. note) and many, many sound projects that are really famous. He's not a sound master - he's a real sound engineer, and that's a big difference."

Then, in April we attended the 40th anniversary of Divadlo Ypsilon, or Theatre Y.

With the arrival of mild weather it was time to go on a mysterious walking tour in the Czech capital. For all you Freemasons or members of the Illuminati this was one not to miss:

"My girlfriend brought me to Prague, she made the decision, I was blind to it. She said 'I've booked you a holiday and you're not going to find out until we go."

The tour introduced visitors to esoteric legends in ancient Prague.

"These secret societies like the masons still exist."

Well you may believe that or you might not; either way, though it was definitely refreshing to clear our heads with the music of legendary frontman Tony Duchacek and his underground band Garage. Three chord punk music, alright, but just listen to that driving sax...

Mecca one of Prague's most influential discos was next...

Milk N Sugar

From there we geot to where we are now: at the end of a series that began first with Palac Akropolis under Zizkov's TV tower. If you enjoyed the series and would like to let us know what you think write to Don't forget to label your email 'Stepping Out'.

Happy nightcrawling.