Roman SebrleRoman Sebrle "I had two successes, the first one is European championships, indoor and outdoor. And the second is the birth of my son."

Were you at the birth of your son? Were you there?

"Yes, I was - all the time."

You didn't feel weak or faint or anything?

"No, no, no, no. If I see blood it's OK for me, but if I see the pain of my wife it's worse for me. It was very emotional and very nice."

On Friday you participated in the Berlin Golden League; could you concentrate?

"No, absolutely not, because it was too soon after the birth and I was thinking about my son and about my wife and if I want to compete, if I don't want to compete, and absolutely not concentrated. But I think it doesn't matter to win this competition because it's in the Golden League and it's like an exhibition. And I think it's for fun, not to win."

You have the world record points in the decathlon. You are the European Champion, the first Czech European Champion for many years - are you still motivated?

"Yes, of course, of course. I haven't got a medal from the world championships. And I haven't got the world indoor record. And I haven't got a gold medal in the Olympic Games, and that's a very big motivation for me. And of course to defeat my world record, too."

Roman Sebrle and his family, photo: CTKRoman Sebrle and his family, photo: CTK You are a member of the (Czech Army's) Dukla sports team? You're also a soldier, is that right?

"Yes, yes, I'm a soldier."

Are you active as a soldier? Do you have to do training as a soldier, or anything like that?

"No, no, no. Just training like a sports man. Sometimes I take a uniform and I feel more like a soldier."

But if there was a war you wouldn't have to fight?

"I don't think so."

And Roman Sebrle isn't the only famous Czech athlete who is a member of the Czech Army's Dukla sports team - fellow decathlete Tomas Dvorak and the king of the javelin, Jan Zelezny, also compete for Dukla.