Archaeologists carry out rescue excavations on building sites


The current boom of the construction industry in the Czech Republic is keeping Czech archaeologists busy.

Archeological locality at Otrokovice, photo: CTKArcheological locality at Otrokovice, photo: CTK Renovation works in historic buildings around the country but also the construction of new roads and new housing development often call for the presence of experts to examine the building site and carry out rescue excavations if necessary. The most recent such case is the construction of a highway connecting the south Moravian towns of Zlin and Otrokovice. During the last three weeks, archaeologists have unearthed 200 prehistoric objects from a period around 6,000 BC. Those include foundations of houses, storage pits, ceramic pieces, kilns and human skeletons. The rescue excavators now have only six weeks to uncover and clean all the objects. Then they will provide the finds with documentation and exhibit them in a local museum.

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