Writer Milan Kundera gets back Czech citizenship 40 years after it was revoked


One of the most famous and influential Czech writers, Milan Kundera, has received Czech citizenship, 40 years after it was revoked following his emigration to France, the daily Právo reported on Tuesday. The 90-year-old Mr. Kundera received the official paperwork in his Paris flat from Czech ambassador to France, Petr Drulák, on November 28.

Mr. Kundera was a reform communist writer during the 1960s and remained committed to reforming Czechoslovak communism even after the Warsaw Pact Invasion of 1968. Eventually, however he relinquished his dreams of reform and emigrated to France in 1975. Four years later he was stripped of his Czechoslovak citizenship.

He remains perhaps the most famous Czech writer currently alive with his works having been translated into a myriad of world languages.