Wiretap leaks commission calls Nečas and Topolánek


A senate commission investigating intelligence leaks has called on Prime Minister Nečas and his predecessor, Mirek Topolánek, to testify. According to the head of the commission, Social Democrat Richard Dolejš, Mr Nečas should be given the opportunity to comment on the issue as the person responsible for coordinating the secret services. The commission wants to hear Mr Topolánek due to his recent comments in the media that the Security Information Service did not receive complete information on the Bém-Janoušek case.

The commission is investigating media claims that the Security Information Service leaked wiretapped telephone calls between former Prague mayor Pavel Bém and his friend, construction tycoon Roman Janoušek, to the detective agency ABL. The conversations suggest the businessman had an inordinate amount of influence on city governance.