Trade union head confirms union reps will not return to negotiating table


Trade union representatives will not return to tripartite talks to discuss planned strike legislation, the head of the independent unions Bohumír Dufek said in a TV debate programme on Sunday. Union leaders said last week that they would return to the negotiating table with the government and employers only when there was a new cabinet or the current centre-right government put the brakes on planned reforms. The head of the trade union’s umbrella organisation ČMKOS, Jaroslav Zavadil, will reportedly arrive for talks to be held on May 10, but only to outline the unions’ demands.

Representatives are planning on organizing a number of protests – including a strike. The unions most recently called for the government to step down following the splintering of its smallest party, Public Affairs, into a new faction and following the departure of Public Affairs from government. As a result Prime Minister Petr Nečas called a vote of confidence that the government survived with 105 votes in the lower house.