The Guardian: Communist secret service spied on Donald Trump


US President Donald Trump and his then-wife Ivana were the target of an extensive spying operation conducted by Czechoslovakia’s communist secret service, (StB) together with “friends” from the KGB, The Guardian reported in its Monday edition.

According to The Guardian, the StB first opened a file on Trump following his marriage in 1977 to his first wife, Ivana Zelníčková. The operation was run out of Zlín, the provincial town in south-west Czechoslovakia where Zelníčková was born and grew up. Ivana’s father Miloš regularly gave the StB information about his daughter’s visits from the US and on his celebrity son-in-law’s career in New York. Zelníček was classified as a “conspiratorial” informer. His relationship with the StB reportedly lasted until the end of the communist regime.

The StB’s interest in Donald and Ivana intensified in the late 1980s, after Trump let it be known he was thinking of running for president, The Guardian wrote.