Tauchenová likely to get lighter sentence under new criminal code


Dagmar Tauchenová, who helped her husband to escape from prison last year by opening fire on his police escort, could receive a lighter sentence or even probation under the new criminal code. Ms. Tauchenová was charged last year with extortion, assault on a public servant and obstruction of justice, which at the time carried a sentence of up to eight years in prison. However, under the new criminal code, which took effect at the beginning of this year, her offences have been reclassified as ‘freeing a prisoner’, which entails a maximum five years imprisonment or suspended prosecution. The latter sentence would have to be proposed by the state prosecutor and approved by the court.

Ms Tauchenová’s husband had been sentenced to five years for safe-cracking and was being transferred to a hospital when she shot at on his police escort and both escaped. Police caught up with the couple shortly afterwards and Ms Tauchenová was shot and her husband committed suicide.