Swedish PM speaks with President Klaus over Lisbon


Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeld phone Czech President Václav Klaus on Thursday about ratification of the EU’s reforming Lisbon Treaty, the president’s spokesman said. The Swedish Prime Minister, whose country currently chairs the 27-strong EU, complained on Wednesday that President Klaus had not returned his calls. Mr Reinfeld described the talks as interesting and positive. According to the Reuters agency, President Klaus called for a footnote of around two sentences to be added to the Lisbon Treaty dealing with its charter of fundamental rights. Mr Reinfeld said that clarification was being sought what the Czech President wanted.

The eurosceptic Czech President along with his Polish counterpart have still not signed the treaty which should come into force at the beginning of 2010. Klaus is expected to be the last European head of state to do so after Polish President Lech Kaczynski said he would sign if the Irish voted in favour in a second referendum. They did so last Friday. The Czech President is now waiting for the Constitutional Court to give its verdict on a new complaint about Lisbon lodged by a group of right-wing Senators.