Social Democrats referendum on coalition with ANO gets underway


An internal referendum of the Social Democrats on whether to take part in a coalition government with ANO gets underway on Monday. The referendum, which will run until June 14, will be valid if at least a quarter of the party membership takes part. The results will be published on June 15.

The Social Democrats last week announced the names of the party’s nominees for the five portfolios the Social Democrats should get in the cabinet. The names included party leader Jan Hamáček, who should head the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The party also insists on Miroslav Poche’s candidature for the post of foreign minister, despite president Zeman’s disapproval.

The Social Democrats have been deeply divided about forming a government with ANO leader Andrej Babiš, who is facing criminal charges for alleged EU subsidy fraud, and the result of the referendum is expected to be tight.