Social Democrats may take radar agreements to Constitutional Court


The Social Democratic Party is to ask the Czech Constitutional Court to examine two agreements signed by the government with the United States over the positioning of an anti-ballistic-missile radar station on Czech soil. According to the Czech daily Hospodářské Noviny, the request will be made in February next year, and reflects similar attempts by opponents of the Lisbon Treaty to have it declared unconstitutional by the court – a move which did not succeed. The Social Democrats are staunch opponents of the US radar base, and believe that the agreement signed by the government with the US may be illegal. The move will come at a time when the Czech parliament is scheduled to vote on the Lisbon Treaty – some analysts have suggested a behind-the-scenes quid-pro-quo agreement is being discussed between the Social and Civic Democrats in order for both the Lisbon Treaty and the radar base to gain parliamentary approval – neither have been voted on by the parliament yet.