Social Democrats face certain losses in Senate seats


In the first round of Senate voting, the Social Democrats, who were defending 10 seats, are certain to be a shrunken force in a new look Senate where they have previously been the dominant party. They are likely to have candidates in the run off second round of Senate voting,pitting the two top scoring candidates from the first round, in just eight seats. That was the state of play with 99.9 percent of the count being completed at 7.50 PM. ANO was set to have candidates in 14 contests for Senate seats and the Christian Democrats in eight. Renewed voting takes place on Friday and Saturday. Given the shape of the run-off contests, it is already clear that the current government coalition will, however, still retain its majority in the upper house of parliament, the Senate. The Senate has the power to block and amend government legislation although the lower house can re-asset its position in a fresh vote.