Social Democrats and ANO tight-lipped after meeting to discuss renewing coalition talks

Representatives of the Social Democratic Party and ANO were tight-lipped after a meeting on Monday discussing the possibility of renewing talks on forming a minority government. Both sides agreed not to comment until the Social Democrats had had a chance to inform their top leadership of ANO's offer.

The Social Democrats were invited to the meeting after talks between the two parties initially collapsed more than 10 days ago. Social Democrat leader Jan Hamáček declined to describe even the atmosphere of the meeting on Monday saying he did not want to send any signal before he had discussed ANO's offer with his party leadership.

Deputy party leader Jiří Zimola had made clear ahead of time that he and his colleagues were attending to learn if ANO was offering anything new.

Initially, talks between ANO and the Social Democrats collapsed over who would head key government portfolios including the Interior Ministry. The Social Democrats had reportedly sought the post as a counterbalance of sorts to the fact that the prime minister Andrej Babiš is facing criminal charges of EU subsidy fraud.