Social Democrat leader rejects conspiracy charge over Berlusconi villa photos


The leader of the main leftwing Czech party, the Social Democrats, has hit back at suggestions at accusations a Socialist Conspiracy was behind the publications of compromising photos of former rightwing prime minister Mirek Topolánek. Social Democrat leader Jiří Paroubek said in comments to Czech papers on Saturday that the accusations by Mr Topolánek were a demonstration of his intellectual exhaustion. Mr Topolánek admitted Friday that he appears in one of the photos taken at the summer home of the Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi last year. The picture shows a naked man with a blurred face and a white wristband of the kind Mr Topolánek was wearing at the time. The Civic Democrat leader said however that the photograph had been tampered with. He followed up with the charge that European Socialists were behind the publication of the photos in Spanish daily El Pais which coincided with the first day of elections to the European Parliament.