Smaller parties express reservations over Civic Democrat plans


The smaller parties in the governing coalition have expressed reservations over the Civic Democrats' intentions to revise proposed tax reforms, further lowering taxes. The Civic Democrats' proposal envisages decreasing corporate tax from 24 to 19 percent, while slashing income tax either down to 19 or 12 percent, (which would be calculated from a "super gross wage"). Some have questioned the plan: Christian Democrat Ludvik Hovorka said he could not imagine how it might work, while fellow party member Jan Kasal said that if the Civic Democrats pushed ahead, he would put forward his own proposed changes. Green Party leader Martin Bursik said he considers the Civic Democrats' proposal "unrealistic" as it would mean a decrease of 16 billion crowns income in next year's budget. Government discussion on the topic of tax reform is set to resume on July 10th.