Signal Festival to present 18 light and video-mapping installations under ‘Revolution’ theme


This year’s edition of the Signal Festival, which features 18 artistic light installations and video-mappings at indoor and outdoor locations in Prague, will be held under the theme ‘Revolution’.

Like last year, the art will be displayed on three routes, namely in Karlín, Staré Město and Malá Strana. Half of the artists are Czech and half from various foreign countries.

A third of the works will be located in the so-called gallery zone, for example at the Museum of Music or the Ministry of Transport. The largest laser display, by Czech artist Jakub Pešek, will span from the Smetana Embankment across and across Střelecký Island.

Organisers say they except the four-day Signal Festival, which begins on 10 October, will draw some 600,000 spectators. The theme was chosen as part of celebrations ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.