Senate votes in favour of constitutional complaint against president

25-07-2019 updated

The upper house of Czech Parliament voted in favour of a proposal for a constitutional complaint against President Miloš Zeman. The proposal received 48 votes on Wednesday, while 20 senators voted against and 7 abstained. If the proposal also receives support from the majority of the lower house, it will reach the constitutional court. However, this is unlikely, due to the ruling ANO-Social Democrat coalition, supported by the Communist Party, holding a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. The Freedom and Direct Democracy Party, which seems likely to support the president as well, controls a further 19 seats.

The impulse for the draft complaint is the alleged influencing of the judiciary by President Zeman and his staff. The president’s recent unwillingness to accept the resignation of Culture Minister Antonín Staněk has also been added into the complaint.

In mid-June President Zeman dismissed the accusation, saying that it was a sign of constitutional illiteracy.