Rivers continue to rise, floods claim first victim


Rivers in the Czech Republic are continuing to rise, with around 70 places in the country on high flood alert. The worst affected areas are in the Znojmo region, on the River Luznice in south Bohemia and on the River Morava in the Zlin region. Fire fighters and the army are working around the clock to try to deal with the situation.

One person has died: a five-year-old boy fell into a stream and drowned near Trebic on Tuesday evening.

The Spolana chemical plant in Neratovice, central Bohemia has shut down production, after a high flood alert was declared in the area. Tens of tonnes of poisonous chemicals escaped from the plant during floods in 2002.

There were fears that animals would have to be moved from the lower part of Prague Zoo, but officials say it now seems such an evacuation will not be necessary.