Respekt: Charles University vice-rector accused by grad students of plagiarism

A Charles University vice-rector is being investigated for plagiarism following a complaint by several graduate students, the investigative weekly Respekt reports.

The students charge that Prof. Martin Kovář, who heads the Institute of World History at the university’s philosophical faculty, drew heavily on the work of the late British historian Barry Coward without proper citation.

Specifically, they say that Kovář’s book on the history of Stuart England copies the thematic structure of Coward’s book on the subject, uses passages from it and cites many of the same original sources yet is passed off as stemming from original research.

The doctoral students point to similar problems in two other books by Kovář, who rejects the charges.

This year two government ministers were forced to resign over accusations of plagiarism: Taťána Malá (ANO), who briefly served as Minister of Justice, and Petr Krčál (Social Democrats), who served as Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.