Radiozurnal: former head of Czech Interpol to receive severance of 2 million crowns


Czech Radio's Radiozurnal has reported that the former head of Interpol's Czech section, Pavol Mihal, will likely be paid up to 2 million crowns in severance pay. That is the equivalent of roughly 94, 000 US dollars. Mr Mihal left police ranks four months ago after it was revealed he had collaborated with the StB, communist Czechoslovakia's secret police. He did so in the 1980s. Police are reportedly keeping the exact sum of Mr Mihal's severance pay secret, but the presidium did say he had received 200,000 crowns. The additional 1.7 million - is allegedly to be paid out until Mr Mihal reaches retirement age. Interior Minister Ivan Langer - who launched a fresh round of vetting in the police service this year - said he could not prevent the payment.