Racist comments about Egyptians by deputy governor uncovered by Hlidacipes

The deputy governor of the region of Ústí and the head of the local branch of the Communist Party in Chomutov Jaroslav Komínek has made racist comments on facebook insulting Egyptians after a return from a vacation in Egypt in which the local politician said he and friends had been forced to pay an extra 160 euros or so for their flight from Marsa Alam.

Writing online, the politician described Egyptians as “monkeys descended from Neanderthals” and called them an “embarrassment to civilization”, the Czech News Agency reported after the racist comments were uncovered on Sunday by Hlidacipes.org.

Ústí governor Oldřich Bubeníček, also of the Communist Party, said the comments were his deputy’s private matter; ČTK was not able to get a hold of Mr Komínek for comment. The words in question have since been deleted.