Press: Dispute over noose at Prague demonstration to go to court

04-06-2016 updated

A dispute between Interior Minister Milan Chovanec and the Prague 1 town hall surrounding the brandishing of a noose at a demonstration is set to go to court, Právo reported on Saturday. In an action filed by Mr. Chovanec, he states that officials uncritically accepted the testimony of the man who held the noose – directed at “traitorous” politicians willing to accept quotas of refugees – at an anti-migrant rally on Wenceslas Square last summer. Prague 1 shelved the case largely on the basis of a statement from the man when it should have properly considered all aspects of the matter and attempted to ascertain whether any violations had occurred, the minister’s petition states. Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said he supported Mr. Chovanec's move.