Press: Chinese group CIGC pulling out of TV Barrandov head Jaromír Soukup’s media groups


Chinese company China International Group Corporation (CIGC) is reportedly set to exit two media groups controlled by TV Barrandov owner and chief presenter Jaromir Soukup over his recent formation of a political party bearing his name.

Critics say TV Barrandov panders to populist and extreme right-wing parties, politicians and their voters. In January, Soukup announced the formation of his party (List Jaromíra Soukupa) with the stated aim of “defending national interests against corrupt politicians and oligarchs”.

CIGC is concerned that Mr Soukup’s political ambitions will harm its investment, the daily newspaper Deník N reports, and plan to withdraw from his companies Empresa Media and Medea.

TV Barrandov, which Mr Soukup took over in 2012, is now the fourth-largest channel by viewership in the Czech market. President Miloš Zeman is a regular guest on his programme.

The connection with the president reportedly secured Mr Soukup cash from China and Russia to finance the private cable TV station.