President Zeman’s visit to Germany dominated by business issues


Czech-German business cooperation, European issues and the possible impacts of the trade war between the US and China topped the agenda of President Zeman’s talks with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday.

The German president said that as neighbours and EU members the Czech Republic and Germany were closer than ever and had a joint responsibility in helping to overcome the drawn-out European crisis and preventing another division of Europe into East and West.

During talks with Angela Merkel President Zeman praised Czech-German business ties, but criticized US protectionist measures, saying a trade war would benefit no one and could spark a new global crisis. He was also critical of the sanctions against Iran, saying Czech firms were interested in doing business with the country.

President Zeman said the talks with German officials had been friendly and constructive and migration issues had only been discussed marginally.

Observers noted that for the first time Czech-German top-level talks dealt exclusively with present-day issues and did not dwell on the past.