President to name Andrej Babiš prime minister next week

The minority government proposed by the leader of ANO, Andrej Babiš, will have nine ministers from among party ranks as well as unaffiliated experts who were not a part of the previous government, while it is expected that a number of current ministers such as Robert Pelikán, at Justice and Dan Ťok, at Transport, will continue in their posts. Four ministerial posts are to be held by women.

The exact names on the list were not made public on Tuesday, but Mr Babiš said the president had no reservations regarding any of the candidates.

President Zeman will name Mr Babiš prime minister on December 6 and the government on December 13 - in time for representatives to be able to take part in the upcoming EU summit.

The current government, headed by Bohuslav Sobotka, is to tender its resignation later this Wednesday.