President highlights anti-migrant stance and economic diplomacy in Christmas message


In his Christmas message to the nation President Miloš Zeman thanked Czechs for their trust in electing him to a second term in office and promised to continue working for the country’s national interests, both through intensive economic diplomacy and a staunch anti-migrant stance.

He expressed support for the country’s participation in foreign missions and praised the government for defending Czech interests through cooperation within the Visegrad group.

Mr. Zeman praised the leaders of the ANO party, the Social Democrats and the Communists for having had the political courage to form a viable government and slammed protesters who recently demonstrated against it in the big cities, saying they had no reason to protest against a democratically elected leadership.

The head of state also reiterated his criticism of the country’s intelligence service, BIS, for its warning regarding heightened activities of Russian and Chinese agents on Czech territory, describing it as unjustified "spy mania“.