Prague prosecutor reviewing state attorney’s work on “Stork’s Nest” case v PM Andrej Babiš


Prague’s public prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová has initiated a check on a state attorney who is investigating the so-called Stork’s Nest case over the abuse of EU subsidies, in which Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and other could face prosecution.

According to Czech Radio, Ms Bradáčová began questioning the work of state attorney Jaroslav Šaroch on the case already last year due to slow pace of work, among other alleged shortcomings.

In May this year, Mr Šaroch rejected a petition from Mr. Babiš and six others facing fraud charges, who argued that the case against them was unfounded.

But while rejected their claim, Mr Šaroch also said that the police investigators’ conclusions were incomplete and not entirely credible.

Mr Babiš was formally charged in October 2017 with fraud in the case, which involves a 2 million euro subsidy to the Stork’s Nest complex a decade ago.