Poll suggests ANO still most popular party with 29.5 percent backing


Government leaders ANO would have won elections around the turn of the month with 29.5 percent of the vote, suggests a new opinion poll from the Median agency. That figure is very close to what ANO received in elections in October 2017. The Civic Democrats figured second in the poll with 13.5 percent backing and the Pirate Party placed third on 13.0 percent.

The poll suggests Freedom and Direct Democracy would receive 10 percent of the vote, ahead of the Social Democrats on 7.5 percent and the Communists on 7.0 percent.

The Mayors and Independents enjoy 6.0 percent backing, compared to the Christian Democrats on 5.5 percent and TOP 09 are hovering around the 5.0 percent threshold needed to enter Parliament, the survey indicates.