Police charge 13 people in connection to methanol poisonings scare


The police have now arrested 19 people in connection with methyl alcohol poisonings around the country. The arrests came in three regions: Moravia-Silesia, Zlín, and Olomouc. The latest two suspects were arrested in Zlín on Saturday morning. Two others from the Zlín region have already been charged for breaking the law on product labeling. As of Saturday afternoon, charges have been brought against 13 people in connection to the case. A number of others have been arrested and are being questioned by the police. Arrests were made in different parts of the country, and most of the accused do not seem to be a part of a single case.

In recent days the consumption of laced bootleg liquor across the country claimed the lives of 19 people. Seven more people were hospitalized with methanol poisoning since Friday afternoon.