Police block an estimated 15 million crowns belonging to Rath, wife, sources report


Police have blocked an estimated 15 million crowns belonging to MP and former Central Bohemian governor David Rath and his wife, according to sources including Czech news website idnes. The funds were deposited in the safekeeping of Mr Rath’s lawyer Adam Černý. Mr Rath is being held in custody on corruption charges; he was caught by police with an alleged seven million crown bribe on his person in May. His lawyer Adam Černý refused to confirm the exact amount but called steps taken by the police “intimidation” and “chicanery”; he added it was likely he would put forward a complaint after discussing the matter with his client. He will have three days to do so. The lower house is to meet at the beginning of September to decide whether or not to strip Mr Rath of immunity so he can face additional charges.