Police barred more than 10,500 perpetrators of domestic abuse from their homes since 2007


Since new legislation was introduced in 2007, the police banned perpetrators of domestic violence from their homes in 10,614 cases. The legislation allows officers of the law to confiscate owners' home keys for 10 days to give victims a chance to escape the cycle of violence. Statistics released by Bílý kruh bezpečí, a civic organization helping victims of domestic abuse in the Czech Republic, suggest that around 10 percent of reported domestic violence cases take place in the Czech capital. The year the new regulations were introduced, the police barred perpetrators 862 times; the highest number was in 2011, when it did so in 1,430 cases. Last year, the police did so 1,306 times. Experts note that domestic abuse has several forms: physical, sexual, psychological and economic.