Police arrest executive director of liquor producer Likérka Drak


The police have arrested Pavel Čaniga, the executive director of the liquor company Likérka Drak, and are still searching for the head of Drak’s distribution company Verdana, Robert Sedlařík. The two men are suspected of endangering public health with harmful products, after 7,600 bottles of rum containing 50% methanol were discovered in a storage facility belonging to Verdana at the end of last week. According to the police, the bottles were ready for distribution to stores, which could have caused a considerable number of deaths. Both Mr Čaniga and Mr Sedlařík denied any knowledge of the dangerously mixed liquor, but failed to produce documentation for more than 56 thousand liters of alcohol found in the Verdana warehouse. Mr Čaniga is currently being questioned by the police, but no charges have been brought against him so far.