PM Babiš meets with President Trump in White House

07-03-2019 updated

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has held talks with the American President Donald Trump in the White House. It was the first visit of a Czech prime minister since Petr Nečas met with President Barrack Obama in 2011.

The topics on the agenda included American tolls on European cars, security cooperation and the situation in Syria, where the Czech Republic is the only country to have an embassy. At the start of the meeting, Mr Babiš told the US head of state he had a plan to make the Czech Republic great again, hinting at President Trump’s first State of the Union address. He also said the two countries had been allies since the United States helped to establish Czechoslovakia 100 years ago.

President Trump praised the Czech Republic as a creative country, which was doing well economically as well as in other respects.

The White House meeting was the highlight of the Czech PM’s three day visit to the United States, which also included a meeting with CIA officials at Langley.