Parliament to decide on proposed salary hikes for politicians


The government has decided to leave a sensitive decision regarding proposed salary-hikes for judges, state attorneys, ministers, deputies and MEPs in the hands of Parliament. The proposal drafted by the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry comes in response to a ruling by the Constitutional Court which abolished a law that cut the salaries of judges within a broader framework of austerity measures. The proposed salary hike would mean that the salaries of judges, politicians and state attorneys would be calculated from a higher base than now and the lower house id to be presented with several alternatives as to what that base should be from 2.7 times the average salary to over three times the amount. Although the government says it has no alternative but to respect the ruling of the Constitutional Court it has been accused of arrogance of power. Trade unions say the amendment is an insult to ordinary people at a time of salary cuts, tax hikes, rising inflation and growing unemployment.