Ostrava city hall turns to the state to resolve Přednárdaží dispute


City officials in Ostrava has requested a district court to rule on the ownership rights of the defunct sewer in the Přednádraží district, where a slum is located. The Přednádraží slum, that has been occupied primarily by Romani tenants, has been at the center of month-long controversy. City officials have been trying to get residents to leave the slum buildings that have fallen into disrepair and have been deemed uninhabitable. The buildings’ owner, who has been issued with a fine, claimed he is willing to carry out necessary repairs as long as the city fixes the sewage system, which does not belong to him. City officials have claim that this particular section of the sewage does not belong to the city either. Approximately 100 people remain in some of the buildings without running water or other amenities for almost a month.