Opposition politicians say decision not to prosecute PM must be thoroughly justified

13-09-2019 updated

Opposition politicians have said they respect the decision of the Prague State Attorney’s Office to halt an investigation into the so-called Stork’s Nest Affair, but expect to see the decision thoroughly justified.

TOP 09 leader Jiri Pospíšil tweeted that while he respected the decision, the fact that the State Attorney’s Office had made a U-turn on the case, which only happens in 1 percent of all cases, will require a convincing justification and strong arguments.

The head of the Civic Democrats Petr Fiala said that he accepted the decision, but noted that the case had left a bitter aftertaste and divided Czech society.

The head of the Christian Democrats, Marek Výborný, said that while the decision might be acceptable from a legal perspective, it was not so from an ethical one.

The Pirate Party alone has said it is not convinced by the Chief State Attorney’s arguments and would like to see the case revised.