Mirek Topolanek: no money to remove pig farm from concentration camp site


The Czech government will have no money to remove a pig farm from the site of a former Second World War concentration camp for Romanies in Lety, south Bohemia, Civic Democrat Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek told journalists on Friday. Mr Topolanek said that although every government up to now had supported the idea of relocating the farm, no administration would ever be able to find the necessary funds to do so in the state budget. It has been estimated that it could cost as much as eight hundred million crowns or thirty eight million dollars to relocate the farm. Instead of talking this step, the prime minister has supported the idea of building a memorial nearby, which he has called a dignified but affordable solution to the problem. Mr Topolanek's remarks have been criticised by groups representing Romany Holocaust victims. Three hundred and twenty six people died in the concentration camp where the farm is now located.