Lower House chairman criticises Klaus, Zaoralek, for their EU stance


The chairman of the Lower House Lubomir Zaoralek has levelled criticism at Czech President Vaclav Klaus, as well as one of the Czech representatives at the European Convention, Jan Zahradil. Speaking shortly before the polls on European accession opened in the Czech Republic on Friday, Mr Zaoralek told journalists Mr Klaus' and Mr Zahradil's stances on the EU showed a 'lack of courage'. Mr Zaoralek also added that he felt 'laments' or 'taking offence' over the future of Europe were hardly beneficial for the Czech Republic. On Thursday it was Jan Zahradil who walked out of the European Convention complaining the agenda had become too federalist. An MP for the opposition Civic Democrats, Mr Zahradil stated the Convention was being manipulated by representatives of the national parliaments.