Lawyer says Social Democrats got cash from bust developers


Lawyer Hana Marvanová says some of the money from a collapsed 1990s building firm now in the news went to the Social Democrats, who were then led by the current president, Miloš Zeman. In an interview for DVTV, the lawyer said the head of H-System, Petr Smetka, had delivered suitcases of cash to the headquarters of the Social Democrats.

Ms. Marvanová represented clients of the H-System who lost money when the company collapsed. This week a group of victims of Mr. Smetka’s asset-stripping of the company were told they would have to leave their homes after a court ruled the administrator could sell the properties.

A spokesperson for the Social Democrats told that there was no basis for Ms. Marvanová’s groundless accusations.

President Zeman is among one of many Czech politicians to have criticised the court ruling against the former H-System clients.