Lawmakers push to do away with second round of Senate elections

Moves are afoot to do away with the present system of voting for the Senate, Czech Television reported. Currently if no candidate receives over half the vote in a first round of Senate elections, the two front-runners enter a second round a week later.

In April a group of Senators from the Social Democrats, the Christian Democrats, the Mayors and Independents, the Civic Democrats, the Greens and ANO tabled a bill under which a first-past-the-post, one-round system would be created.

Backers of the change point out that turnout in the first round of Senate elections, held at the same time as regional and local elections, is 36 percent on average but that falls to 17 percent during the second round.

The policy programme of the ANO government in resignation includes creating a one-round system and that pledge also features in the manifesto of a potential ANO-Social Democrats coalition.