Interior minister criticises Uherský Brod mayor for ill-timed interview which put operation "at risk"

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec has criticised the mayor of Uherský Brod – where a mass shooting took place in a local restaurant on Tuesday – for speaking to the media while events were still unfolding and the alleged killer was still alive. The interior minister suggested on twitter that by speaking to Czech TV, the mayor had presented a risk for the police operation to a degree which would have “thrilled a professional terrorist”. Potentially threatened, an undisclosed source told the Czech News Agency, was the life of a man inside who had remained hidden on the premises. Had a television in the restaurant been tuned to the broadcaster, the attacker could have learned of the hidden man’s presence. The survivor was in the restroom at the time of the attack and remained there for the duration. After police surrounded the premises and began to move in, sources say the gunman turned one of his own weapons on himself.