Human rights and minorities minister not to step down yet


In related news, Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb said on Wednesday he would not yet step down, as requested by the Green Party which nominated him for the post. Mr Kocáb said his resignation could further destabilize the Czech political scene. The human rights minister said any personnel changes to the government should be agreed between the prime minister, Jan Fischer, and the leaders of the Civic Democrats, Social Democrats and the Greens; the parties which formed the caretaker government last year.

The Green Party decided on Tuesday it would no longer support the caretaker government in protest against PM Fischer’s decision to ask the agriculture minister, Jakub Šebesta, to serve as the environment minister, a post previously occupied by a nominee of the Green Party, Minister Dusík who stepped down last week over a disagreement concerning the modernisation of the Prunéřov coal power plant.