Human rights activists want right-wing figure at Education Ministry to go


Czech human rights activists on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Petr Nečas and the leaders of the other two coalition parties to push for the removal of the controversial right-wing figure, Ladislav Bátora, from his post of human resources director at the Education Ministry. In an open letter, members of the Czech Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International, Romea, IQ Roma Servis and others said Mr Bátora was linked to racist and anti-Semitic groups and asked the officials to make sure right-wing extremists do not get jobs in state administration.

Ladislav Bátora, who is a staunch opponent of multiculturalism, feminism and antidiscrimination, ran in 2006 for a seat in the lower house on the ballot of the extremist National Party. In April, he became an advisor to Education Minister Josef Dobeš, from the Public Affairs party, who earlier this month appointed him the head of the ministry’s human resources department. Ladislav Bátora has rejected all accusations of racism and extremism.