Green Party leadership warns that splinter group may force it from government


Tensions have been mounting in the Green Party ahead of leadership elections on Friday. Martin Bursík, who currently heads the party, is vying to retain his post in the face of a challenge by strong critic Dana Kuchtová. Observes warn that the party has become increasingly splintered as both candidates have stated that they do not want the other in their team if they are elected to lead the party, while supporters of Mr Bursík are warning that a victory by Ms Kuchtová will jeopardise the current government coalition. Supporters of Ms Kuchtová have voiced strong opposition to what they view as an increasingly centralised form of leadership by Mr Bursík. Friday will see the Greens hold their party conference in the town of Teplice. Mr Bursík is viewed as being moderately to the right of the political spectrum, while Ms Kuchtová is viewed as being more to the left, opposing current Green Party policy on the proposed US radar base, nuclear power and several other issues.