Graphic novel about killing of ‘Butcher of Prague’


The Czech Republic’s annual Muriel Award for the best comic book or graphic novel of the year has been given to Článek II (or Article II), about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi governor of occupied Bohemia and Moravia. Heydrich, one of the main architects of the Holocaust, was known as the “Butcher of Prague”. He died of complications after being ambushed and shot in May 1942 by a British-trained team of Czech and Slovak paratroopers in an action code-named ‘Operation Anthropoid’.

Apart from the Muriel Award, the graphic novel about the assassination, written by Jiří Šimáček and illustrated by Ján Lastomírský, also won the main prize of the Czech Academy of Comics and a prize for best script.

The Muriel Awards, established in 2008, were handed out on Thursday evening at a ceremony at Prague’s Bio Oko cinema.