General Vacek brazens out cooperation with communist counter-intelligence


The first post-communist defense minister Miroslav Vacek has brazened out his cooperation with the communist military counter-intelligence service, saying there had been nothing secret about it. He told journalists he was proud of his past including his cooperation in various high posts with the military counter-intelligence service which he later headed as defense minister in 1989-1990. "I feel offended that someone should consider me a mere collaborator - in view of my posts, I headed the military counter intelligence," General Vacek said. He said he had never actually signed a secret cooperation agreement with the counter-intelligence service because his office was so high. General Vacek said that reproaching him for cooperation with the counter-intelligence was like reproaching the Pope for having served as an alter boy.

The military intelligence announced on Tuesday that it had found proof that two former post-revolution ministers had cooperated with the communist secret police. One was general Vacek, the other former interior minister Richard Sacher. It has now emerged that one of the new deputies of the police president Tomas Kuzel likewise worked for the communist secret police.